Noun: A resident of the Cascade Region

Adjective: Of, pertaining to, or the characteristics of the Cascade Mountain Range or Region.


Cascadia Region aka Pacific Northwest or PNW

was once called the Oregon Country. We now know the Cascadia Bioregion as a defined megaregion regonized by both the USA and Canadian Governments. There is also an Oceanic zone stretching from Vanvouver Island BC to Norther CA called the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Additionaly there is an ambitious Cascadia Independence Movement for the Cascadia region to be independent country.

Marijuana legalization in the USA

Washington first state to legalize recreational use 2012. Initative 502

Oregon first state to decriminalize cannabis 1973.

California first state to legalize medical use 1996. Proposition 215

Religion isn't nearly as important in Cascadia than the rest of the nation.

Washington has a long history of ranking high on not religious polls in the USA similar to Vermont.

Oregon has possibly the lowest church membership rates in the USA outside of Washington.

California was once considered non-religious but has seen membership grow in recent years.

Vegetarianism in Cascadia is higher than national averages

Seattle, Washington: - Typically ranks as #6 or #7 in top 10 Vegetarian and Vegan friendly cities.

Portland, Oregon: - Repeatedly ranked as having the most vegetarians per capital in the USA

San Francisco, California: - City with the most Vegetarian Resturaunts per capital in the USA

Cascadia Music

Click here for a Cascadia Spotify playlist

Alt+Pop Blood Bros

Alt+Pop Dandy Warhols

Alt+Pop Death Cab

Alt+Pop Decemberists

Alt+Pop Everclear

Alt+Pop Harvey Danger

Alt+Pop Head and the Heart

Alt+Pop Modest Mouse

Alt+Pop Odesza

Alt+Pop Portugal the Man

Alt+Pop Postal Service

Alt+Pop Presidents of the USA

Alt+Pop Schoolyard Heroes

Alt+Pop She and Him

Alt+Pop Sleater Kinney

Alt+Pop Tacocat

Alt+Pop Thunderpussy

Classic Bing Crosby

Classic Brandi Carlile

Classic Heart

Classic Jimi Hendrix

Classic Kenny G

Classic Kenny Loggins

Classic The Kingsmen

Classic Paul Revere

Classic Queensryche

Classic The Sonics

Classic The Ventures

Grungey Alice In Chains

Grungey Candlebox

Grungey Foo Fighters

Grungey The Gits

Grungey Mad Season

Grungey Mark Lanegan

Grungey Mother Love Bone

Grungey Nirvana

Grungey Pearl Jam

Grungey Screaming Trees

Grungey Soundgarden

Grungey Temple of the Dog

Hip Hop/Rap Blue Scholars

Hip Hop/Rap Common Market

Hip Hop/Rap Kid Sensation

Hip Hop/Rap Macklemore

Hip Hop/Rap Sir Mix Alot

Punk/Thrash 7 Year Bitch

Punk/Thrash The Accused

Punk/Thrash Bikini Kill

Punk/Thrash The Briefs

Punk/Thrash The Fartz

Punk/Thrash Go Like Hell

Punk/Thrash Noi!se

Punk/Thrash Poison Idea

Punk/Thrash Sicko

Cascadia commerce

Companies currently HQ in region

Apparel Columbia,

Apparel Keen

Apparel Nike

Food Coffee

Food Vita

Food Vivace

Food Clams

Food Clams

Food Ivars

Food Dicks Burgers

Food Farms

Food Jones Soda

Food Uwajimaya

Goods Bowflex

Goods Comics

Goods Funko

Goods Gerber Knives

Goods GNU

Goods Grenade Gloves

Goods Leatherman

Goods Lib Tech

Goods Nitro

Goods Rodda Paint

Goods Salomon

Goods Shoe Goo

Others Bayliner

Others Freightliner

Others Getty Images

Others Production

Others Timber

Others Tools

Retailers Costco

Retailers Nordstrom

Retailers REI

Retailers Zumiez

Tech Amazon

Tech Expedia

Tech FLIR Systems

Tech Microsoft

Tech Nintendo TD

Tech Tableau

Tech T-Mobile

Tech Valve

Tech Zillow

Honorable Mentions:

- Wizards of the Coast

- Boeing

- Starbucks