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Ancestry culture - paternal

Celtic Nations

Rich in culture including the Puca, Banshee, Rhiannon, Abhartach, Sidhe, Gorsedd /Awen, Kingdom of Alba, Caledonia and Druids, Script: Ogham

Music: Fee Ra Huri / Clanadonia / The Gael / Orthodox Celts / RumJacks

Brittany (Breizh),

Cornwall (Kernow),

Ireland (Éire),

the Isle of Man (Mannin, or Ellan Vannin),

Scotland (Alba),

Wales (Cymru).

Cultural Diffusion Examples: Jack o Lanterns, Halloween King Arthur, Four leaf clovers, Lucky Rabbit Foot (messengers between worlds) Handfasting: Something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in your shoe. - Celtic Study Resources


Hurling /Shinty Ba Game , Golf , HIghland Games

Celtic Family Names include:

Campbell, Carter, Jones, Merlin/Myrddin, James, McGinnies, Breeden, Harvey, Buckalew, Williams, Richardson, Oliphant, McGhee, Angrove/Angove, Treeleever/Treleeva, Hobson, Chapelhow, Sealby, Ininson, Frye, Alexander, Tyack.

Other paternal Family Names include:

Bastian, Swainston, Kistler, Hoskings, Goben, Evea/Eva, Wilcox, Groshong, Hodson/Hodgson, Bainfield, Mc Craggen, Rosemergy, Fairchild.


Campbell in Scots Gaelic is Na Caimbeulaich not to be confused with the Irish Gaelic Mac Cathmhaoil which sounded similar to the Scottish pronunciation and was also anglicized to Campbell.

Our clan traces it's origin to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and the giant boar that took him. Diarmuid is the son of the Donn the dark one (the Celtic god of the dead) who was one of the three sons of Milesius

The clan motto is Ne Obliviscaris "Never Forget", The Carter-Campbells of Possil motto is Fac Et Spera (Do and Hope). - Gathering | Gathering Call

The homeland of the Campbells since the twelve hundreds has been Argyll.

The Campbell tartan has only three colors: black, green and blue. In the trade it is called Ancient Campbell and is the same tartan as the Black Watch. - The Gallant Forty Twa

The clan war cry is "Cruachan" originally Connachta but now from the Mountain Ben Cruachan to the north of Loch Awe. According to legend, Mag Moullach (Cailleach) created a magic well on top of Cruachan, which left uncovered, would flood the entire world. The cave of Cruachan, known as the entrance to the Celtic underworld is commonly called Oweynagat/Uaimh na gCat (The cave of cats). In the Tain Bo Regamnam the Morrigan is on her way to the Sidhe Mound of Cruachan.

Practices Include:

Pendulums, Anam Cara, Dowsing, Clootie Wells, Ancient Oaks, Animinism, offerings for the little people

highland Clan Campbell

Standing Chief on the Scottish Council: Torquhil Ian Campbell

Septs of Clan Campbell

  • Major families that lived within the territory of the Clan and follow the Campbell Clan chief.

  • In modern times it's very common for people to be members of multiple clans/armigerous clans.

    • e.g. Clan Campbell "Ne Obliviscaris" (Never Forget)

    • e.g. Carter-Campbells of Possil "Victrix Patientia Duris" (Patience is Victorious in Hardship)

    • e.g. Campbells of Breadalbane "Sequimini Me" (Follow Me)

    • e.g. Clan Muir "Durum patentia frango" (By Patience I Break What is Hard)

Arthur, MacArtair, MacArthur, MacCarter, Bannatyne, Ballantyne, Blanton, Brunton, Burnes, Burness, Burnett, Burns, Caddell, Cadell, Calder, Calvert, Camp, Connochie, Conochie, MacConachie, MacConchie, MacConnechy, MacConochie, Denoon, Denune, Gant, Gibbon, Gibson, MacGibbon, MacGubbin, Harres, Harris, Hardman, Hardy, Hawes, Haws, Hawson, Hastings, Isaac, Isaacs, Kemp, Kissack, Kissock, MacIsaac, MacKessack, MacKessock, MacKissock, Iverson, Macever, Macgure, MacIver, MacIvor, Macure, Orr, Ure, Kellar, Keller, Maceller, MacKellar (also McKellar), McKerrow, Lorne, McGilekeyr (also Gilkie,Gilkey), Louden, Loudon, Loudoun, Lowden, Lowdon, MacColm, MacColmbe, MacLaws, MacLehose, MacTause, MacTavish, MacThomas, Riddell, Taweson, Tawesson, Thomas, Thomason, Thompson, Thomson, MacDermid, MacDermott, MacDiarmid, MacElvie, MacKelvie, MacGlasrich, MacKerlie, MacNichol, MacNocaird, MacOran, Macowen, MacPhedran, MacPhederain, Paterson, MacPhun, Moore, Muir, Ochiltree, Pinkerton, Tanner, Tonner, Torrie, Torry.

Clan Gathering Call

Clan Castles

Clan Campbell is also refered to as Clan Diarmid being descendents from Diarmid O’Duine.

Diarmid O’Duine's father was Duibhne Donn, whose father was Duibhne Dearg whose Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grand dad was King Arthur.

Diamid's son was named Arthur Armdhearg who in turn had 3 sons called Arthur.

Arthur Urchanach, Arthur Cruachan, and Arthur Andrairan.

Clan arthur and clan campbell

Clan Arthur and Clan Campbell are brother clans descending from a common ancestor but have complex history. For example, in the 1400's Caliean (Colin) Campbell was named First Earl of Argyl (later becoming Baron of Lorn) after trapping, imprisoning, and killing MacArthur of Strachur. Some of the MacArthurs also blame the Campbells for the loss of their Clan documentation which is now reliant on the

"Ane Accompt of Clan Campbell"

Clan mcdonald and clan campbell

Clan Donald were Celtic Gaels or Scots who married with Norse and Vikings.

For many years the Isle of Islay and seat of Clan Donald was outside the realm of the King of Scots.

In the 1200's the King of Scots regained control of the Western Isles from Norway.

Clan McDonald is a Norse-Gaelic Clan which traces its descent from Domhnall Mac Raghnuill.

The Clan shares a descent from Somerled with their senior Clan MacDougall and are together commonly referred to as the Clann Somhairle which has been shown in a recent Y-DNA study to be of Norse descent in the male line.

Clan Campbell had early marriages to the family of the King of Scots was were loyal to the royal seat.

Campbell ancestors were Britonic Celts who intermarried with Celtic Gaels or Scots whose basis of power was built upon that loyaly originating through kinship to the Celtic forebears of Robert the Bruce.

Some of Clan Donald claim Campbells are responsible for the ravaging of Donald land however Clan Donald ravaged Argyll in 1645 much worst than any record of Campbell lead destruction.

Regardless of these differences the two Clans eventually began to intermarry.

On 2/13/1692 the Secretary of State over Scotland, Lord Advocate John Dairymple, Master of Stair masterminded "The Glencoe Massacre" by order of the British army under King William III

Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon had recently been bankrupt and his family was destitute.

In 1689 on the return from the Battle of Dunkeld Clan Macdonells and the Maclains of Glencow (a sept clan of MacDonald) looted Glenlyon, stole his livestock and razed his last remaining holdings.

Threats were made against Captain Campbell by his superiors and delivered to him a few hours before the killings. He would be accused of treason and put to death if he failed to order the killings of the Macdonalds.

  • Most likely because despire the looting Campbell had no ill will towards Clan MacDonald, Cambpells niece, the sister of Rob Roy MacGregor was married to Alexander MacDonald, Maclains youngest son.

  • The piper plaed a well-known Campbell warning tune before the massacre which was so badly conducted that only 38 of the nearly 300 people were killed.

  • Many MacDonalds escaped over the passes onto Campbell lands in Glen Etive where they were succoured by their kindsfolk their.

ancestral tartans

Originally the kilt was made of a large blanket that was belted at the waist.

Tartans (interlocking patterns) are often called plaid or rather "plaide" which means "blanket" in Gaelic and since almost all plaids are made from a tartan cloth the two terms are often understandably, mistaken.

Ancient Campbell / Black Watch

"Ne Obliviscaris"

Ancient Campbell / Black Watch

"Never Forget"

MacArthur / Carter

"By fidelity and labour"" "Do an Hope"

Clan Colquhoun

"If I Can"

Clan Muir

"I break hard for patience"

Clan Buchanan

"Honors are bright here"

Clan Erskine

"I think more"

Clan MacLeod

"Hold Fast"

Jones of Wales

Modern Tartan


Scotland International


Washington State

James of Wales

Modern Tartan

Guiness / McGinnies

Modern Tartan

Carpathian NAtions

The Carpathian Mountains are a 1,500km-long range that stretch west to east in an arc from the Czech Republic to Romania. The Tatra range between Slovakia and Poland is a national park. It is an ethnically diverse region, inhabited mostly by ethnic Ukrainians, Rusyns, Lemkos, Boykos, Hutsuls, Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks and Poles. It also has small Jewish and Romani minorities. - Carpathian Music

Ancestry culture - maternal

Slavic people

Trace their origin to Lech, Czech or Rus.

Lech (a Wend, Pole).

Just like Celtic people, Slavic beliefs are varied and unique including charachters such as the Solomonari, Zmaj, Domovoy, Baba Yaga, and Kikimora. Our ancient deity is Bereginya who is said to be similiar to Gaia and Athena combined.

Script: Glagolitic

Music: Out there on the sea.

However many still draw comparisons with both German and Finnish paganism especially with East Slavs. For example Thor Ukko, Perkunas, and Perun.

West Slavic

Czech Republic,

Poland - | Music | Tour | Culture

Slovakia - | Music | Culture


Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

South Slavic

Bosnia + Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro,

North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia

The Winged Hussars (active for 200 years) in the Polish video are originally from Serbio-croatian, Hungarian, and Poland but made most famous for defeating the Ottoman Empire at the battle of Vienna in 1683 essentially protecting all of Europe from Ottoman control.

Practices Include:

Divination by pendulum by using a needle and thread, sacrificing a coin to the hearth spirit / Domovoi, Enchanting dirt to pull out illness then be reburied, Blessing people and coins with bread, Talisman pouches, Horseshoe nails, Bear bile medicine. Salt in pockets, drawing magic lines with axes, Pisanka (kraszanki/drapanki) and much more.

Carpathian Family Names include:

Meszaros/Mesaros, Zboja/Szboyan, Hudalla, Madardso/Madards, Panyik/Panek, Radom, Magyar, Vrchovina, and Lenarth.

Hungarian/magyar cultural subgroups

Amadeus Aba



Jasz people

Matyó - Dance | Museum | Culture

Palóc - Dance | Culture | Music

Székelys | Romania | Music

Záh (gens)

Hungarians trace their origins to Hunor and Magor and the White Stag. Hungarian beliefs are ancient and rich including Emese, Taltos, Griff, Sarkany, and Turul.

The Mongols invasions of Hungary began in 1241 CE, In the later 1280s both Hungary and Poland defeated armys of the Golden Horde/Tartars/Mongols .



Ball Point Pen

Carbonated Water

Color Televison

Electric Train


MS Word and Excel

Rubiks Cube

Safety Match



Bullet Proof Vest


Kerosene Lamp

Paper Clips

Tooth Paste

Walkie Talkie



Guitar Dobro

Modern optics


Wireless radio transmission - not Heidi Lamar




Color Photography

Criminal Finger Printing

Flushing Toilets





Telephone - (Alexander Bell is Scottish)

Tires / Tyres





Binaural Stethoscope

Guided Torpedo - (it wasn't Heidi Lamar)

Hypodermic Syrynge

The Induction Coil



Ball Bearings

The Equals Sign

The Fuel Cell


Packet Switching