tech 101 guide

Adapting a technologic lifestyle

use Google

Google is much more than just a search engine and free email, it's an account that gives you access to a wide array of services which make adapting to a technological lifestyle almost seamless. Having a Google account allows quick transfer of phone information and apps, password management, calendar and reminders, office docs, and more. If you ever need your data visit Google Takeout to download it.

Subscriptions that are worth it

Disney+ Hulu $16mo $192 annual

HBO Max $10mo $120 annual

Netflix Standard $17mo $204 annual

Wyze Cam Plus $3.3mo $15 annual

Youtube Premium $12mo $144 annual

Subscriptions that are sort of worth it

Amazon Prime $15mo $140 annual

Spotify $15mo $175 annual


Information purposes only: This is not an endormsent for this activity.

Visitors are also encouraged to do their own independant research.

A popular method for downloading songs is to convert youtube videos to mp3s.

To do this search for a song on youtube, next copy the address (on a mobile device select Share > Copy Link). Next visit a youtube download site such as Ytmp3. Paste the link into the site to generate and download the .mp3 file.

As an alternative, many music streaming services are popular such as Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube Music.

Books that are in the public domain can be found at Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for a comic book resource (CBR) there is a large collection available at Library Genesis

places to shop online

These sites offer good service, trusted transactions, and low prices.

General goods

Eye glasses



legos and toys



Custom prints

how to stream tv and movies

To stream tv or video to your home you'll need an internet connection and streaming device such as a smart tv, amazon firestick, or Roku, which is my personal preference. Once you have a streaming device you can download both free and premium (paid subscription) apps.

As an alternative, many folks also setup a home media server either on their gaming device (playstation/xbox) or on a home computer. The media servers job is to play the media files (movies/music/etc) that you have saved to a hard drive on your television.

Handbrake is a free program to rip DVD videos and convert them to various formats.

Example of a media server setup:

Desktop or Laptop - directly (ethernet) connected to your router.

An external hard drive plugged into the Desktop or Laptop

Install Plex on the PC

Save media to the external hard drive

For a good guide on using plex without internet click here.

streaming device

media server

streaming service

torrent downloader

streaming service

torrent search

streaming service

torrent search

Utilizing Torrent Files to download includes inherent risks.

For informational purposes only. Visitors are encouraged to do their own research.

This is not an endorsement for utilizing or downloading torrents nor is it an endorsement for visiting torrent sites.

Torrent sites including the ones linked below are notorious for containing malware and popups.

Visit at your own risk.

A torrent is not a link to a download but instead a file that contains links in the form of meta-data to the download.

The difference being that instead of copying data from once source a torrent is the link that sends data from many sources. Before you begin downloading torrents you'll first need to get some software such as Qbit Torrent or uTorrent.

The next step is to visit a torrent search engine website, some popular sites include: Rarbg The Pirate Bay and Yify Search for a torrent + open the magnet link in your app to begin downloading the torrent.

Since torrent sites generally don't attract many advertisers for obvious reasons, expect to see plenty of adult ads when visiting them (adult sites will advertise anywhere there is high traffic).

Also expect plenty of popups which you'll need to close and periodically refresh some torrent search pages to get past. It's also a good idea to set your Max upload speed (the speed you're going to let peers download copies of the pieces of the torrent your downloading "While you're downloading it" to a minimum.

Throttling your max upload speed back to 1kb per second might not help others but it can improve your download speed and can be done directly in the settings of your Torrent Browser.

Each site will display both Seeders and Leechers next to each torrent list showing how many people are sharing the torrent (Seeds) and how many people are downloading it (Peers).

Torrents with a high number of seeds usually download relatively quick while torrents with a high number of peers usually are good quality torrents. Some sites offer only torrent file downloads (download and then open with torrent browser to download) while others have magnet links (link to open torrent directly in torrent browser). After your file is completely downloaded it's a good idea to delete the .torrent file (if you didn't use a magnet link) from your filesystem to ensure others are still able to use it/you as a peer.

windows software recommendations

This list contains software that might be to advanced for home users.

Be certain to read through the developers sites for additional information.

os Customization

System customization

System Customization

System monitoring

Web server

Cloud service

Web ripper

pro image editing

Admin Customization

system cleaning

system recovery

Drive management

Media Player

FTP Client

DVD Burner

pirate image editing

Remote Config

Remote access

SSH Telnet


Media server

Data backup

CD Burner

nes emulator

file management

File compression

USB Creation


Web browser

desktop office

text editor

image illustrator

linux software recommendations

Linux Distro

Media player

media server

windows apps


web browser

web server

Task manager

desktop office

Node Management

Image illustrator

System monitoring

android / mobile app recommendations

These are links to my favorite APK software.


comic books

photo gallery

Instant Msg





File manager

p2p payments

Home monitoring


Wifi Calling


media player




streaming music

music player

apple recommendations

Apple tablet - purchase if you are a small business who intends on running the Square POS.

Having a device with the softwares native OS will provide greater functionality.

iPhone - purchase if you are unable to utilize any other messaging app than the proprietary Facetime.

There are no other cases when any Apple product should be purchased, the value is simply not there.

free online software to use

These are links to useful sites in addition to Google.

photoshop alternative

photoshop alternative

gMAIL alternative

google docs alternative