Mantra: Ego spiritus corpus. Et am super dramata vitae et dimittere iudicium.

I'm Adrian,a life long resident of the Cascade Mountains. This site is my small piece of the internet which helps me share my various interests and projects with friends and folks like yourself.

Random tidbits about myself:

I was a bear scout

I was elected to a precinct caucus chair seat

I'm conversational in American Sign Language

I raised my kid from toddler to adult as a single parent.

I'm an animal lover who has been a vegetarian for around 20 years

I have central heterochromia eyes. (natural light no edit images)

I have double rooted primary canines.

I have more Neanderthal DNA than 96% of people.

My personality type is INFJ the Advocate

I wasn't raised to and still do not believe in Abrahamic beliefs.

I'm from a modest and honest background and am a self taught, self made person.

I believe that joy defines success and growth requires change.

Feel welcome to connect:


Ongoing projects include: This site, an untitled book, + various research and art projects.

Previous projects include: business consulting, content creation and management of various businesses including: restaurant, auto garage, engine repair, landscaping, and various bands (mostly local). A wide variety of countless web development, random art including derby cars and operating a Seattle tattoo shop for a stint as well as mural, construction, and installation projects in both personal and professional settings. - Link to ended Stevens Passion project

Ancestry: One's family or ethnic descent.

Ethinicity: The belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

family Projects

Ancestry: Lineage and Family Tree

Culture: Cascadian culture, Celtic and Carpathian culture.

Home: Family Music, Military Service, 40th Slide Show, Family Photo Album

Memorials: A place to visit and remember.

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