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I'm Adrian,

This site is my small piece of the internet which helps me share pieces of my interests with folks like yourself. I'm from a modest and honest background and am a self taught, self made person that believes joy defines success and that growth requires change.

Random tidbits:

My personality type is INFJ the Advocate - Take the test here.

I lean towards Left Libertarianism / Libertarian Socialism according to the Political Compass.

Take the test here.

I have double rooted primary canines, more Neanderthal DNA than 96% of people and central heterochromia eyes | e.g. natural light

I wasn't raised to and still do not believe in Abrahamic beliefs.

I raised my son as a single parent, am an animal lover, and have been vegetarian for nearly 20 years.

I'm a life long resident of the Cascade Mountains who was a bear scout. I have been elected to a precinct caucus chair seat,

and am conversational in American Sign Language.

Personal Motto:

Ego spiritus corpus. Et am super dramata vitae et dimittere iudicium

Phonetic: Ego spiritus corpus. Et, am, super, dramata, wetie, et, de,mitoray,udiseeum

"I am a spirit body. And I am over the dramas of life and let go of judgment"

family Projects

Lineage | Family Tree

Cascadian | Celtic and Carpathian Cultures.

Family Music | Military Service | Memorials

Slide Show | Family Photo Album

Ancestry: One's family or ethnic descent.

Ethinicity: The belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

ongoing projects

Include: This site, an untitled book, + various others.

Previous projects include: business consulting, content creation and management of various businesses including: restaurant, auto garage, engine repair, landscaping, and various bands (mostly local). A wide variety of countless web development, random art including derby cars and operating a Seattle tattoo shop for a stint as well as mural, construction, and installation projects in both personal and professional settings.

Stevens Passion Project